Low-cost surveys to engage the world – Brilliant Surveys

Low-cost surveys to engage the world – Brilliant Surveys

Low-cost surveys to engage the world – Brilliant Surveys

As data and analytics specialists, at Brilliant Associates, we often find our clients wishing they could truly engage with a wider audience.  To conduct mass-surveys of either their workforce, customers or the public at large.

Low-Cost Surveys from Brilliant Surveys

Engage with the world at low-cost using Brilliant Surveys

Why Low-Cost Surveys

Leveraging modern technology, low-cost surveys at scale are a great way to deliver additional insights.
With easily reportable metrics such as Likert Scale or Net Promoter Score results,  you can quantitively measure the voices of those who matter most.

Traditional survey platforms like Qualtrics, Survey Monkey etc,  whilst great platforms, quickly become costly to use at scale and thus sometimes the need for a simple and effective tool at scale can simply not be met by their pricing plans.

We’ve seen customers pay tens of thousands of dollars for simple solutions that needn’t cost the earth.  A low-cost survey solution didn’t exist.

We resolved to empower our customers to enrich their data and insights, through a simple, no-fuss survey tool to deliver surveys at scale with rapid insights, affordably.
We want each voice to be heard and each action to be as a result of solid data.

These goals spurred us to develop our own low-cost survey framework to offer our clients an easy and budget-friendly alternative to gain broad-based feedback from stakeholders across the globe.

Bringing together open source software and taking advantage of scalable and pay-as-you go cloud services, we are able to offer a survey platform at a fraction of the cost of traditional survey platforms.

Bringing people and their voices closer than ever before – Brilliant Surveys helps you engage with your world.

Low-Cost Survey Use-Case example:

On a recent project Brilliant Associates collaborated with multiple partners, notably the Brookings Institute – Center for Universal Education, Tableau at Salesforce, Big Change, the Lego Foundation to deliver Big Education Conversation which formally launched at the UN Transforming Education Summit.
Built upon our low-cost survey platform, we developed custom data-flows and analytics to power a near-real-time global conversation.
Enabling participants, in multiple languages, no matter where they were or what device they had, to give their opinion and afterwards explore the results from the rest of the world.
Served over a global content distribution network, the surveys are rapidly accessible to users complete the short survey before exploring aggregated analytics.
Analysis is done via a custom Tableau Broadcast web-hook process enabled by another Brilliant product, Brilliant Broadcast for Tableau.
The stakeholder partners have access to the data in real-time.
The world engages in valuable dialogue with meaningful qualitative data.

Low-cost survey features

Brilliant Surveys offer many features included, some of which are:

  • Global scale
  • Accessibly designed
  • Multi-region resilience
  • Desktop, mobile and tablet friendly design.
  • Real-time access to data
  • Email invites
  • Custom completion flows and logic
  • Completely custom look and design
  • Multi-language capability
  • A vast variety of different types of input fields. From single and multi-line input fields, checkboxes, drop-down lists, Booleans and radio groups, yet also matrix questionnaires, Likert scales, file uploads, HTML embeds, and more.

How much cost is the Brilliant Low-Cost Survey service?

You may think with all the above features, rivalling many of the more “full-service” survey providers, we’d be nearing their price points.

We only focus on providing surveys and analysis at large-scale – meaning usually 100K respondents and upwards.  But we appreciate each client use-case is different.  For that reason it is hard to give a figure that works in all instance – but we can offer prices starting from as low as $0.5 per 1000 respondents.

If you’re looking for a large-scale low-cost survey offering, we encourage you to get in touch!  We’d be delighted to hear about your use-cases and collaborate on a strategy for your success at a price that won’t be beaten.

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Low Cost Surveys – Brilliant Surveys

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