PHPExcel Memory issues on the server

PHPExcel Memory issues on the server

If you’ve hit memory issues with large sets of data using the excellent PHPExcel library on your PHP server, here are a couple of tips I found helped a lot on one of my projects when server resources were being stretched.

The first good place to start is to increase the PHP Memory Limit and the Max execution time which if set too low will certainly be causing issues with memory-hungry or long-running scripts manipulating your spreadsheets.

These can be set one of 3 ways.

  1. Editing php.ini
  2. Amending your .htaccess files
  3. From within the PHP script itself.

Depending on the exact server setup, these typically cascade over one another the closer they are to the PHP script being called.
Some hosts don’t allow access to the php.ini and hence you can sometimes override their default settings with either the .htaccess file or from within the PHP script itself.
If you are still not having any luck it’s worth speaking to your hosting provider and asking if they could increase the limits.  Just remember, they’ll be more likely to say yes if you’re conservative with your limit increase!

The above can be achieved with the following

php.ini file

.htaccess file

within the PHP script itself

If none of the above solve the issue, or perhaps you cannot increase you memory limits any more, you can try setting setPreCalculateFormulas to false as below.

I found that this helped when the above weren’t enough.  It is mentioned in the documentation for certain writers and this is what the documentation states :-

By default, this writer pre-calculates all formulas in the spreadsheet. This can be slow on large spreadsheets, and maybe even unwanted. You can however disable formula pre-calculation:

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