What is BtvStack.exe and why is Skype asking me to allow it?

What is BtvStack.exe and why is Skype asking me to allow it?

What is BtvStack.exe and why is Skype asking me to allow it?





You open Skype and get a notification about something called BtvStack.exe with the message “BtvStack.exe wants to use Skype”


What the heck right?!

This turns out to be a Bluetooth Driver requesting access so that if you for example had a Bluetooth headset, you could use it with Skype.

Allow access is only necessary if you indeed do want to use Bluetooth headsets and the like with Skype.  So in the meantime you can safely Deny access.

In the future, to allow it again, you can go to Tools->Options->Advanced->Advanced Settings and select Manage other programs’ access to Skype


and click on Change next to the BtvStack.exe option and then click on Allow this program to use Skype


I get thirsty typing!

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57 thoughts on “What is BtvStack.exe and why is Skype asking me to allow it?

  1. George

    Thank you, I was very concerned because my computer chose this time to become unresponsive. The unresponsive issue is mostly associated with Skype and does not occur if I disable Skype – back to the drawing board.

    1. o tucker

      Hi, I read you were having unresponsive issues with Skype and I was having issues myself for the past 2 yrs. Found out that if I deleted Skype from programs, turn off firewall, re-download Skype, turn firewall back on… no more problems. Maybe worth a try for you.

  2. David Bolton

    Thank you for a short, clear answer. Would that all queries about ‘unusual’ requests were answered as well on other sites – I’m bookmarking you,Rob. Thank you

    1. Cad

      Yes I would agree. It is next to stupidity how many things on the net you have to dig and dig and dig for some functional answer and my question was answered without someone beating around the bush with enough diarrhea to leave my questioning as unanswered as before. The guy actually answered the question sensibly and told people exactly what they were asking. I am just hoping his instruction led to loosing the gag screen that I rather not have to see every time I start up the program. I am assuming what that lead through the setup was answering as well. It is a no brainer and why would someone not allow their blue tooth headset to have access to this program. that is why most of us bought one.

  3. Robert Allison

    Many thanks for the information.
    With all the possible problems associated with security would it not have been better to give an explanation at source?

  4. Douglas Lopes

    Thank you so much! Was wondering about that, glad to hear it’s safe, and possibly useful, as well as easy to remove because I had no clue how to find it!

  5. Meg

    great explanation, none of the endless and confusing waffle that so many other people/sites give you. this popped up on my skype when i tried to turn on my laptop’s overall bluetooth, which is flatly refusing to do so. if i allow it, could that solve the problem?

  6. Denis

    Thanks. Since MS took over it has become a commercial outlet with no explanations as to requested changes. Thanks again.

  7. Keith

    Hi Rob, Just wanted to express my appreciation of your taking the time to write this explanation up for us. Extremely useful and very helpful, many thanks.

  8. Nevis1

    Thanks for this. Had a customer who just purchased a new Dell Desktop, and wanted to know what this was all about. As I don’t use Skype, and have Blue Tooth disabled on my PC, I had never seen this message. Your solution worked a treat!

  9. denise

    thanks! I kept seeing that and it had no info ith it so took a chance and looked it up and bang! there was answer! thank you for doing this.very helpful : )

  10. B. Douglas

    I would suggest one further clarification for the technically challenged: When you get to Advanced Settings, look to the bottom of the page for the “Manage other programs’ access to Skype” link in blue. (Otherwise, you might focus on the checked boxes at the top and say to yourself, “Hey, Rob’s wrong — there’s no “Manage other programs’ access to Skype” setting on the Advanced Settings page!”)

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  12. Trevor Ramroopsingh

    ….thankyou for a most uncomplicated and direct answer……it had begun to bother me because the BtvStack notification was always there whenever I came on to Skype on my laptop….but thanks to your very simple and straightforward explanation my mind is at rest on this subject now……

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