Windows 8 and OpenVPN not resolving

Windows 8 and OpenVPN not resolving

Windows 8 and OpenVPN not resolving


I recently had an issue connecting to a new install of OpenVPN on one of my servers with Windows 8 as the client.  With other operating systems, namely Linux, Android and iOS, I was having no problems, however with Windows 8 I was stuck.  The problem wasn’t the connection itself, that was connected and I could verify that by the status of the OpenVPN client on Windows 8 box and from the admin interface of OpenVPN at the server end, but the fact that Windows 8 couldn’t resolve or contact anything other than it’s own IP address.   Even though it was connected, there was no ping on any address available other than itself. 


As mentioned, everything was in order server-side as 3 other OS’s were connecting, pinging, resolving etc without issue.  Eventually with a lot of fecking around trying this and that, I came across this thread and suggested solution.

So in summation, if you’re having a similar issue:

First, you can try a Winsock and stack reset (from a command prompt with administrator privileges):

Reset WINSOCK entries to installation defaults:
netsh winsock reset catalog

Reset IPv4 TCP/IP stack to installation defaults:
netsh int ipv4 reset reset.log

After the above commands are issued a reboot is unfortunately mandatory.

However after all the above was said and done, my Windows 8 OpenVPN client was connecting and resolving like a beast!

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